Friday, March 27, 2015

5 for Friday 3.27.15

We made it!  Another week down!  Just a few more days until my Spring Break!  I can hardly contain myself!  Thoughts of this are going through my mind:

 I'm linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for 5 for Friday!

Speaking of spring break.......I like to use monthly reading logs in my classroom.  They are a fun way to encourage reading at home.  When kids bring their logs back, they get a prize or a restaurant certificate.  In addition to the monthly logs, I also make some for holiday breaks.  To snag a spring break reading log, click the picture below! 2 versions included.  To see my other reading logs, click HERE.

Last week, we finished up our first "All About" {Informational Text/Non-fiction} writing.  In case you missed the post, you can find it HERE.  We wrote one together last week but this week because the CCSS calls for shared research, kids selected an animal and worked in groups to complete their research.  They had a blast and the books turned out great!  The kids got to draw and watercolor paint the ocean animal they had researched at the end!  The kids loved this!

One of my struggling readers needs a lot of differentiation so I have him work on typing his spelling words when we are doing our grade-level word work.  I just have him type in WORD.  It makes spelling so much more fun!  You can obviously have all of your kids do this!

We've been learning about magic 10 hops and "bigger numbers."  One game that I thought of on the fly was to cover a number with a sticky note and have students write/guess what it is on their slates. So simple but they were obsessed with it!

By request, I bundled my Phonics Jeopardy!  I'll be adding more this weekend and the price will go up!  Snag a deal now by clicking the cover below!  This is such a fun way to review word work!  In case you missed the post about how to play these/use these games, click HERE.  

PS-My "Level D" guided reading pack is almost ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

April Goodies

Hi everyone!  Just popping in quickly to share my April resources with you!

April Sentence Editing-Always a favorite!  These sentence edits support CCSS and are perfect for early finishers, centers, morning work, or homework!

Bunny Bash {Easter Centers}-This is one of my favorite center packs that I have created!  I love the activities included in this!  Chock full of fun for Easter/Spring!

Contraction Eggs-This is a FREEBIE to use those plastic eggs from the Dollar Tree!  Enjoy!

Hooray for Earth Day-Love this little pack!  Perfect for teaching kids about Earth Day.  Mini-book reader, coloring sheets, abc order/vocabulary, writing paper, and more are part of this little set.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

All About Writing

We're just finishing up All About Writing this week.  All About and How To are always such fun units to teach!  We began by working our way through one together.  I do this with any type of writing so that children can get a feel for the format.  We decided on "Monkeys" for our first book. We spent a week reading monkey books and watching YouTube videos about monkeys.  We slowly worked through the pages of our All About books together, saving our "Facts" pages for the very end, as a review of what we learned.  Below are some photographs of our process:

To check out this pack in more detail, click below.


Sunday, March 22, 2015


My kids love playing Jeopardy!  It's such a great review game and the competition always gets crazy! We play mostly to review phonics skills, such as our word families or word parts/chunks.

We break into teams and use our dry erase boards.  I like to use the boards so that everyone is actively participating throughout the game.  I place my cards on a pocket chart have the kids divide into teams.  They always like to do boys vs. girls but sometimes I do a mixture.  I take turns choosing 1 person at a time from a team.  They get to say a value and a skill card {for example, someone might say "-ar for 500."  I read the clue aloud and the kids talk among their teams.  Everyone must write the word down.  *I encourage phonetic spelling BUT the kids must have the word chunk/spelling pattern included in their word.

Once the students have their words written, I reveal the answer card {which is really just the picture} and they of course cheer wildly because they are usually correct!  I use a score board that I made to keep track of the points. This is great addition practice!  The kids love seeing the big numbers!  The game continues, alternating teams.

So far, I have created a few Jeopardy games including Bossy r, Magic e, S-Blends, and Short Vowels.  I am working on more!  Click below to check them out.  Purchase the growing bundle for a discounted price!  The price will increase as more games are added.  


Friday, March 20, 2015

Five for Friday 3.21.15

I had a fantastic time at the blogger meet-up in Indiana last weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was great getting to meet people I've been corresponding with via social media for the past 5 years.  Below is a photo from the event...more to come in a BIG post later!

So Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day.  We had a ton of fun playing "Green BINGO and "Rainbow Bump," writing about finding a pot of gold, making Shamrock Floats, and reading lots of great books. Someone also got a gigantic green tea latte...

Today is the last day for the "Found the Pot of Gold" freebie hop!  Be sure to hop around the blogs and snag some fantastic freebies!!!  Click below to check out what I am offering for FREE!

We completed our first "All About Book" together as a class.  We chose monkeys to start with.  The kids did a FANTASTIC job!  I love non-fiction writing.  Everyone gets so into it!  Next week, students will collaborate and write their own in a small group {Hello, 21st Century Learning Skills!}. To check out my unit, click here.  You can also click the cover below to go directly to the product.

I am kind of obsessed with "The Blissful Teacher's" essential oil mist line.  Aside from the amazing health benefits, the scents are fantastic.  I also love the glass bottles and catchy names!  You should definitely have some of these on hand in your classroom.  They are great pick me ups and aid a variety of ailments.  These also make such fun gifts for co-workers!!

Happy Friday!