Friday, November 28, 2014

Five for Friday November 28

Happy Black Friday!!!!!!!!  Who is out shopping?  I most likely am out now...not sure what I'm looking for but out looking nonetheless!  Five for Friday here we go!

We had a Reading night at our school and we wanted each child to be able to select and take home a book.  We are a Title I school, so most of our students do not have books at home.  We didn't have money to purchased books for the kids.  I have been reflecting on my whole blogging and TpT experience lately and am so grateful for the extra money I am able to earn.  I stepped up and offered to purchase the books for all of the students in the school that were attending the Reading night.  It was a wonderful feeling to get that box in the mail.  Thank all of you for supporting my blog and store!  YOU helped make this possible!

I am currently obsessed with Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer.  I usually don't like cherry-flavored things but this stuff is amazing!   Have you tried it?!?!

We celebrated my husband's birthday with family on Wednesday night.  His birthday is November 26 so it's always mixed in with Thanksgiving.  We always have a good time, but having a birthday that close {or on} to Thanksgiving is a bummer!!  PS we are Michigan fans!  Go BLUE!

We always spend Thanksgiving with my family because my husband's family lives in California.  My family is small but we always have fun!  Our niece had her first Thanksgiving and it was a lot of fun playing with her!  She is 6 months old now.

Have you heard??  The TpT Cyber Monday/Tuesday site wide sale starts Monday, December 1!  I am getting my store ready and finishing up a few projects for you!  I hope you will stop by and visit me! My whole store will be 20% off AND if you use the code TPTCYBER, you'll get an extra 10% off from TpT.  Click the icon below to start filling up your wishlist!

Happy Friday!  Happy Shopping!  Check back Sunday to see what I've added to my store!  There {may} be a chance to win them!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Hi and happy almost Thanksgiving!  Today I want to share our Thanksgiving & Pilgrim Day fun with you!  It was a whirl-wind two days to get everything in for Pilgrim Day but we made it and had a blast!  So I'll start with the weeks leading up to Pilgrim Day:

To kick off our then/now unit, we took a field trip to a local place where I live and the kids got to see what it was like to cook back in the day.  They made biscuits and butter.  They also got to play a few old time games and see what it was like for a hunter hunt for food with a shooting demonstration. The trip was so awesome!

Once we got back, we began with some of Colleen Patton's awesome activities.  First up was a school SCOOT activity where the kids walked around in groups and had to discuss/guess what each object was.  Their responses were hilarious!  I took an audio of one child's thoughts.  After the SCOOT, we made an anchor chart together and I shared what the objects really were.  The kids were shocked at some!  We read A Country Schoolhouse and they were excited to see the objects that they just discussed inside of the book.

The next day we moved onto transportation.  We read a great little non-fiction book, Transportation Then and Now.  We ordered some cards together {again from Colleen} and then the kids made their own timelines.  We did a little writing together to go with it.

We had a bit more planned for then/now but we had a surprise snow day so some of it got skipped. Monday-Tuesday it was time for some fun Thanksgiving/Pilgrim activities!

We made the turkeys from my Thanksgiving Writing and Crafts Pack  on Monday.  It was a spur-of-the-moment kinda thing.  I had some 3rd grade girls that earned "Visit an old teacher" passes and I of course always want to have something elaborate planned for when kids come to visit me!  The turkeys turned out cute and the kids couldn't stop talking about them!!!

We played a few games in Reading groups from my Thanksgiving Centers pack.

We read A Turkey for Thanksgiving and completed a story map booklet on it from my "Differentiated Graphic Organizers" pack.  The story is so cute and the kids are always surprised at the end!

Some nice teacher baked her class turkey cupcakes and brought them in for a treat!

We made Caitlin Clabby's Pilgrim kids.  I love them every year!!

In between all of this fun, we were doing Pilgrim Days activities!  We started with a Pilgrim KWL.  I had read a few first Thanksgiving books in the weeks prior so the kids had some fresh background about Pilgrims.

I had purchased some hats and bonnets for kids and we wore them all day Monday and Tuesday! Sometimes we make them but we were short on time so I snagged them at a party store.  They were $10 for 12 hats/bonnets.  The kids were obsessed with them!

We use some good read alouds in this unit.  We spendone day on Sarah Morton's Day and one day on Samuel Eaton's Day.  These are both excellent reads for kids.  I usually para-phrase them because the language is confusing.  After we read both, we did a T-chart sort for pilgrim boys and pilgrim girls. We also did some writing...

Harry Kindergarten has a fun video called "They Were The Pilgrims."  The kids love it every year!  During the video, Mrs. Wheeler {might} have transformed into a Pilgrim lady!

We played some Pilgrim games, including tic-tac-toe aka naughts and crosses.

We practied our Fry's second 25 sight words on chalk boards today!  These boards were given to me for review from  and they are AWESOME!  They're the perfect size for little hands.  The kids were so attentive during this!  Now that I've introduced them, I think I'll def. use them here and there for word work!  Good bye, dry erase slates!  Ha!!

We ended our days of fun by making butter!  This class must be strong and good shakers because one round around the circle and the butter was ready!  Everyone cheered when they tasted it!  The kids loved being able to take their own recipe cards home, too!

Pilgrim Days are always so much fun!  There's nothing better than authentic, hands-on learning!  To check out this pack for your classroom, click below.  Snag it now and save it for next Thanksgiving!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Five for Friday November 21

Hi everyone!  TGIF!  It's time for another Five for Friday!  Thanks for Doodle Bugs Teaching for the linky!

Last weekend I went shopping with my mom in Columbus.  It's an annual tradition that we've done since I was a little girl!  It's always so much fun!  The past few years we've gone early to avoid snow and also flocks of people.  I did pretty well this trip and feel good about my holiday shopping so far!

On Sunday I started reading a book for book club called Same Sun Here.  It's about two children who are pen pals.  One lives in NYC and the other in Kentucky.  It's a neat book so far!  I love going to book club!  I go with several teachers that I taught with who are now retired, as well as a few whom I still teach with.  We always meet at someone's house for dinner/drinks and then discuss our book. Occasionally we will go out to eat.  We meet once per month.

On Monday we started out our week with a snow day!  Hooray!  I, of course, got up at 5:00 a.m. to go to the gym butttttttt  then I went back to sleep.  Until noon.

We took a field trip to a local place that teaches the kids about long ago!  They got to play games and make biscuits!  It was a great way to kick off our Pilgrim Days unit!

My parents' pup, Daisy, celebrated her first birthday last Saturday!  She is so much fun but so hyper! Isn't she a cutie?!

Enjoy your weekend!!