Friday, October 31, 2014

BOO! You Don't Want to Miss This!

Happy Halloween!!!!  I've been up since 4:20 a.m.  Why you might ask?  Because when I have things to do I can't sleep.  Which is often.  My mind races.  I woke up and sprung out of bed this morning to  Now I am of course running late and need to jump into the shower and get into my outfit for book character dress up day!  EEK!  Today I wanted to post about what we've been up to for Halloween lately!

We have played my Fry's Sight Word BINGO with fun manipulatives!  We are creating our second 25 boards next week, as the quarter just ended.

We worked through my October Daily Sentence Editing pack and are now ready for November's!  Ahh!!!

We watched a YOUTUBE video and wrote about how to carve a pumpkin from my Halloween Writing pack.  We also made some jack-o-lanterns to go with our writing!

We've been having a lot of fun with my BOO to You Halloween centers pack!

To celebrate my new followers and Halloween, I'm having a 1 day sale today!!!!!!!  Check it out by clicking the image below.

I'll be back this weekend to show my costume for today!  Tonight we'll be passing out candy with our neighbor and ordering pizza.  There may also be adult beverages involved...It's an annual tradition! Hope the hubby gets these leaves raked for all the little ones tonight!  What are your plans?


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sight Word Concentration

I am obsessed with playing Concentration.  It's been a favorite of mine for a few years now!  I love it in any, words, you name it!  I remember playing Memory as a child.  Did anyone else have that sweet game??  It was kinda like the one below, but mine had different picture cards...

Anyhow, back to Concentration in the classroom!  I just use cards and a pocket chart.  I draw sticks to have kids come up and make guesses.  They love cheering one another on!  We've been working super hard on learning our first 25 sight words and today as a final wrap up, we played my "Seasonal Sight Word Concentration" game.  I printed list 1a and a few jack-o-lantern cards.  I selected some of the trickier words from the list and we played with those.  I told the kids there were some lucky jack-o-lanterns hidden in the sight words and if they got one, they could visit the treasure box! This definitely kept their attention  Super fun!  Below is a photo AND an awesome video from the game today!  This little guy was PUMPED that he got a jack-o-lantern!


This game is great for whole-group or small guided reading/RTI groups!  Fry's first 100 words included as well as lots of seasonal cards to mix in for a fun element of surprise!!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Goodies

Good Morning and Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Mine was great!  I got TONS of things accomplished for school and my blog/store.  I had to work on report cards so that was annoying, but now they are finished and I feel good about it.  I'm working on a NEW product that I can not wait to share with you all!  Hopefully this week it will be up and ready.  So Halloween is Friday!  I came to the realization that I kind of have a lot of Halloween products and freebies in my store.  I wanted to take a minute to blog about them all in case you might see something you'd like to use this week!

Throwback to 2007!
1.  BOO TO YOU!  Halloween Math and Literacy Centers-This is a fun center pack!  We've been using these centers the past week and the kids are loving them!  I have been bad at snapping pictures lately---below is one measly photo of the cvc sort!

2. SEASONAL VOCABULARY WRITING RESOURCE-This is such a fun and minimal prep center!  I just printed the holiday themed pages for Halloween and copied the mini-books front to back.  The kids choose words from the posters and write sentences in their little books!  Excellent practice!  This pack includes all holiday, not just Halloween.

3.  HALLOWEEN WRITING PACK-We're spending our whole week working through this pack!  How to carve a pumpkin, learning about adjectives, and writing about our costumes!  I'll be back at the end of the week with photos!

4.  OCTOBER DAILY SENTENCE EDITS-We've been having fun working through these!  These are fabulous practice for sentence editing.  The kids love finding the mistakes!  I have one for every month and they are bundled as well.  Click HERE to try one for free!

5.  THE LITTLE GREEN WITCH-We worked through this pack a few weeks ago and it was great fun!!!  This is a book companion pack for the story, The Little Green Witch.  It includes printables, vocab, a craft, and more!

And now for the freebies!

6.  TRICK OR TREAT-This is a fun Fry's First 25 sight word game freebie!  Print one set for a center or multiple for small groups!  Place the cards in a plastic candy bucket for added fun!

7.  ADDITION/SUBTRACTION EYE SPY-This is one of my favorite freebies!  I made it several years ago to help my kids review addition and subtraction!  Just print cards, place them around the room, and have kids go to town solving the cards on their recording sheets!  Fun Halloween review for Friday!

8.  HALLOWEEN 10-FRAME WAR-This is a great little Math center or small group activity!  Just print a set or sets of the cards and kids play war with them!

9.  ROTTEN PUMPKIN: SHORT O PRACTICE-Print these pumpkin cards, place them in a plastic pumpkin pail and have at it!  But don't pull a rotten pumpkin card or you'll have to toss all your cards back in the pail!

10.  JACK-O-LANTERN FACT SORT-Ever wanted to find a use for those cute little jack-o-lantern cups?  Just choose a few sums, write some facts on popsicle sticks, and you have an instant center!  Don't have the little pumpkins?  Cards included so you can sort in bags or on the floor! Recording sheet included.

PS-we do a book character dress up every Halloween.  Below are some photos of me for years past!  Leaf Man, Pete the Cat, & the peddler from Caps for Sale.  Stop by Friday to see what I'm going as this year!


Friday, October 24, 2014

Celebrating our First Stories

A few weeks ago we had our first writing celebration!  It was a lot of fun but kind of rushed with everything else we had going on!  Here's what we did to prepare:

Day 1: We talked about what a story that we would be proud of would look like.  We came up with some ideas and I made a poster to remind us.  Modeling is KEY!  So, I looked through all my old stories that I'd written in mini-lessons and selected one I was most proud of.  Then it was the kids turn.  They looked through ALL of our old writing pieces {I collect them all each day the first quarter of school until the kids are ready for folders}.  Then the kids selected ONE story they felt they were most proud of.  I collected it.

Day 2: I modeled how to come up with a title for the stories.  The kids got their stories back and a cover page.  They came up with titles and illustrated their covers.

Day 3:  I modeled how to re-copy my story by fixing sight words that may be spelled wrong and adding some more details where possible.  I passed back the stories the kids had chosen and they did the same.  My interactive word wall is great for Writing time!

Day 4:  I modeled filling out a rubric for my story. guessed it!  It was the kids' turn.  We celebrated with donuts and milk.  We also had a rotation where the kids went table to table looking at others' stories and complimenting them.  I hung the pieces on my board for everyone to see!  I'm so proud of how my writers are doing!  Great strides in these first 9 weeks!!

If you are interested in starting or improving your Writing Workshop, I have LOTS of goodies in my store for Writing!  Just click HERE to take a peek.  If you'd like a year's worth of Writing Workshop lessons, printables, and posters, you can snag the bundle for a discounted rate below.  Happy Friday!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Using Hand Signals in the Classroom

Hey everyone!  Happy Hump Day!  This morning I posted all about how I use hand signals to effectively manage my first graders!  Hop on over to A Classy Collaboration to check it out!  You can also snag a freebie while you're there!  Just click the button below!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Writing Bundle Update!

Hi everyone!  Happy weekend!  I'm writing to let you know that I updated my Writing Bundle.  I completely updated the "Holiday How-to Writing."  I also updated some posters in the other units. You'll also find a free writing pack {Seasonal Words} now included!  For those of you that don't have this, you can check it out below by clicking the cover.  It's a year's worth of writing workshop lessons, printables, posters, and paper templates.  This was compiled with my knowledge of writing in the primary grades and 11 years worth of experience tweaking the workshop in my 1st grade classroom.  It's appropriate for grades k-2.  Enjoy!

Below are some previews of a few of the packs included in the bundle: